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  • 1600 x 1200 to 8,000 fps
  • Max 194000 fps
  • Fastest Frame Rates at Great Resolutions

The Os-series is a new digital high-speed camera designed to operate in the most demanding environments. The salient design features of the Os 8 are its compact size combined with a wide data bus, making it capable of achieving very high frame rates (up to 8,000 fps at full resolution) with lightning fast transfer speeds to high-capacity solid-state (non-volatile) memory.


  • 1600 x 1200 sensor
  • Full Resolution Images up to 8,000fps
  • Maximum Frame rate of 194,000fps
  • Excellent Light Sensitivity
  • -40+50°C / -40+122°F
  • Extremely Compact design (2.95 x 3.42 x3.74 in.)
  • Optional Battery
  • C-Mount standard , F Adaptor optional
  • Optional Solid-State non-volatile memory
  • Streaming to Onboard SSD for Long Recording
  • Shockproof: 200G / Vibration: 40G – All axes
  • HDSDI Optional

See the Detailed Spec Sheet


  • 3 Available Speed Graded Models
  • High capacity image storage
  • MAC and Windows Compatibility
  • Extreme environment condition
  • Adapts to any enviroment
  • Multiple lens mount selection
  • Ready for rugged environments
  • Live High Definition Playback

See the Detailed Spec Sheet



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