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  • 2560 x 2048 resolution to over 250 fps
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 at over 630 fps
  • 1280 x 1008 at 1,000 fps
  • Slim Design with Robust Power!

With its slim design and multiple recording modes, the IL5 is one of the most flexible and powerful high speed cameras on the market today. Il5 offers multiple control options including PC, Mac, and mobile WiFi devices.  With an advanced streaming mode, extremely long high speed recordings are possible utilizing built-in SSD technology.  The IL5 is a unique high speed camera offering at a surprisingly affordable price point.


  • Four models: from -L: 800 x 600, to -Q: 2560 x 2048
  • Advanced 5-Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Multiple recording modes to suit any situation
  • Camera control via built-in web interface or FasMotion PC/Mac application
  • Long Record Option: Stream video directly to an SSD



Standard Record Mode – The IL5H records beautifully sharp 1920 x 1080 video at 634 frames per second, while the IL5Q records amazing 2560 x 1440 video at 359fps, in vivid color or monochrome. Smaller resolutions may be recorded at faster frame rates: 720p @ 1400fps, 800 x 600 @ 1677fps, etc. Binning and sub-sampling features of the sensor give the IL5 great flexibility and sensitivity.

FasFire Mode – Ultra-fast save times to the onboard media while simultaneously recording high-speed bursts of hundreds or even thousands of images at a time, the IL5 is always ready for the next high-speed snapshot!

Long Record Option – Any model IL5 ordered with the “D” (dual mode) option can record continuously at high speed for many minutes, or hours at reduced resolutions.
Portability – With its small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD touch screen and intuitive on-screen menu system, the IL5 puts the power of both a traditional high-speed camera and long-record system into the palm of your hand. The IL5 is a true point-and-shoot high-speed camera solution.

Flexible Control – The IL5 can be controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC or Mac or via the built-in web interface with your favorite web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or even your smartphone.

High-Performance Image Transfer – The FasMotion application makes workflow a breeze with transfers of uncompressed images via Gigabit Ethernet at rates of 50–80MB/s to moderately equipped PCs.

Multiple Storage Options – The IL5 features both a USB port and an SD port for quick and easy image downloads to USB flash drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. The built-in SSD provides up to 2TB of lightning-fast non-volatile internal storage.


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